"Necessity is the mother of invention..."


In November 2015, I created the WeightSling as a relatively new member with Camp Gladiator in Tampa Florida.  My wife, Charron was the one who introduced me to CG -she had been a "camper" for over 4+ years.  I restore classic motorcycles by trade (www.steelbentcustoms.com) with ample material & tools around the shop.  My wife had mentioned for years about finding a solution for her weights rolling around in her trunk in between workouts & the cumbersome lugging them with her mat, water bottle, keys, etc to the workout spot (typically in a parking lot).  When I first started joining her for the workouts, I thought there must be a better way.  So through a couple trial designs, I invented the WeightSling.  It's a carrier that allows you to safely hold multiple weights comfortly in a single hand and it also helps keep your weights properly stored to prevent them rolling around your car when not in use.  I patented the creation & plan to offer it in retail locations the beginning of 2017!


Thank you for ordering your WeightSling!